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Born to Explore

26 x One Hour

The real life Indiana Jones. The next generation of adventure.

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Buying Alaska

30 x Half Hour

Buying Alaska proves that dream homes can come in all shapes, sizes and locations - especially when they are in the last great American Frontier.

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Buying Hawaii

10 x Half Hour

It's one of the most popular island paradise destinations but what does it take to make it home? With extreme climates and homes perched in the shadow of volcanoes, Hawaii real estate is no easy feat. Each episode follows one home buyer who checks out three unique properties in a quest to find their ultimate Hawaiian hideaway.

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Buying the Bayou

46 x Half Hour

There's no place on earth like the Bayou, and there's nothing like its real estate. Featuring one-of-a-kind homes with wild amenities, sometimes set in the difficult and unpredictable swampland, this series meets the needs of gator hunters, catfish noodlers, shrimping and crawfish enthusiast and everything important to Central Louisiana. Some homes float, some are propped up by stilts, while others have prime space for airboat docking.

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Cruise Ships

1 x One Hour

CRUISE SHIPS, once a playground only for the rich and famous, are now accessible to any traveler who has the desire to spend time aboard a floating resort sailing from one exotic port to another. It's about being pampered and coddled, dined, wined and entertained in the most luxurious of environments, and we go behind the scenes to see how it is all done.

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With unprecedented access to "both" Cuba's on either side of the Florida Straits, "Cuba: A Lifetime of Passion" looks at the current reality of the Cuban Revolution, and its uncertain future. This documentary highlights present-day Cuba, its revolutionary past, and its coming transition.

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Great Streets

5 x One Hour

CHAMPS-ELYS√ČES THE ROYAL MILE GRAND CANAL 5TH AVENUE SUNSET BOULEVARD The GREAT STREETS will take viewers on an intimate walking tour of some of the world's most famous streets.



1 x One Hour

Discover the rich cultural traditions and extraordinary natural resources that combine to create the true Hawaiian experience. See how volcanic chaos created this place of incredible splendor when we journey from the edge of fiery Kilauea to some of the world's most spectacular beaches.


History of Las Vegas

1 x One Hour

Once the secret history of Las Vegas has been revealed, it will debunk the popular notion that the gambling capital of the world was conceived, constructed and corrupted by the Mob. The real history is more colorful than the gangster myth and, like the games of chance the city is built upon, less predictable.

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Everyone knows it for its beauty and its location as the Golden Gate to the Western World. But underneath the hilly streets, the markets and cable cars lies the secret history of the city where millions have left their heart...San Francisco.

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