Hurricanes in New Orleans, earthquakes in Pakistan, tsunamis in Asia, massive springtime floods in Southern Russia and India; are these cataclysmic events a symptom of an ailing planet or just the nature of things? While the world in which we live is constantly churning, without the benefits of time and perspective, it is almost impossible to make sense of the mysterious, complex world under our feet.

Evolution Earth, a 4-hour television event in HD, will tell the earth’s story – and by association the tantalizing tale of how we are all influenced by its dynamic, forceful journey toward change. Whether looking down from the heavens or up from the earth’s molten core or through the lens of deep geologic time, Evolution Earth will graphically and dramatically bring viewers into the dynamic processes that shape the world we live in today.

Often forgotten in the wonder and horror of Earth’s most forceful moments are the elegant systems and reactions that over an inconceivable amount of time, allowed life like the dinosaurs to evolve and die back. Only to create the world in which we thrive today. The ever dynamic Earth has formed and erased mountains, expanded and shrank great ice sheets, moved continents, and shifted climates. The Earth’s amazing ability to change matched only by the millions of years these took to occur.

Evolution Earth will entertain as well as educate. Are the cataclysmic events we witness today linked to the behavior of man or is it something else? Can we look at the Earth’s past and present history- all 4.5 billion years of it – and learn about the future? For Earth’s story is our story. And the only other constant more certain than change, is that when things change – those who adapt survive.