Super Humans is a new series profiling 12 incredible human beings who through accidents, illnesses, birth defects or pure determination have challenged our definition of being human. These super humans have confronted challenges and changes to their physical and mental make up with a strong willpower and passion for life. What makes these people “super” is not just their physical capability to adapt and endure, but their incredible strength of will that moves them above and beyond simply coping. Their stories are passionate, moving and incredibly inspiring.

We examine our super human’s physical makeup through detailed 3-D graphics illustrating what is happening and what has happened to their physical structure. We discover how their bodies have adapted and coped with disease, injury, foreign objects and extraordinary human defects. Super Humans is also about challenging our natural abilities, such as memory, strength, intelligence or sense of balance to reach incredible extremes. What accidents or illnesses might take away from our bodies, we, as humans given the determination can enhance the capabilities of other areas.

SUPER HUMANS is driven by strong characters with incredible and emotional stories to tell, combined with compassionate, visual and creative documentary story telling. These unfathomable stories are further enhanced with dynamic graphics, original music and narration creating an entertaining and unique SUPER HUMANS branding.