RAW HISTORY: THE HITLER TAPE will give the viewer a truly exclusive look at the world’s most hated man – Adolf Hitler. Employing an unauthorized recording kept hidden for over 60 years, RAW HISTORY: THE HITLER TAPE will show that Hitler was also history’s most well-guarded fraud.

RAW HISTORY: THE HITLER TAPE has the only known secret recording of Adolf Hitler, speaking as he spoke to his friends and confidents. This is the REAL Hitler, the Hitler that charmed his way into absolute power, and absolute infamy. How did he do it? What secrets remain locked inside this unique recording of his personality? For the first time, we will find out. RAW HISTORY: THE HITLER TAPE tears away the layers of protection and shows the real Adolf Hitler – the petty, gullible manipulator who was handed the power of life and death.

Hitler turned Germany into a frightening police state populated by a fanatical horde that worshipped him like a god by manipulating the most insidious propaganda machine ever conceived. Hitler’s image was so protected that to record him without permission could bring with it a summary death penalty. Now, first the first time, we will see — and hear — why.