Sheila Campos, Erin’s mom and the county sheriff, runs her home like she does her town, with benevolent efficiency. But her formerly close relationship with her teen daughter has not been the same lately. Sheila is particularly disappointed that Erin seems to have little interest in her upcoming sheriff’s re-election campaign. Erin has attracted the attention of Taylor; school baseball star, class president, all around hunk. So when Taylor asks Erin for a “sext” message, she decides to take a leap for love. Unfortunately, love is not what Taylor has in mind. While Sheila is at her campaign kickoff with the rest of the family, Taylor shows up at Erin’s house demanding to take their relationship off-line and into the bedroom. If Erin refuses to play along, the picture goes viral. Erin pushes Taylor down the stairs, accidentally breaking his neck. She didn’t mean to hurt him, just stop him. She tries to cover up the murder, but instead it sets other murders in motion… Starring Marguerite Moreau and Mary Katherine Duhon.