Crazy Kids’ Clips
The Wild Weddings show has taught us that kids can be absolutely hilarious when left to their own devices. With no learned inhibitions, they say and do the funniest things on camera. Almost every family with a video camera in America has captured that one magic moment that highlights the sublime innocence and total charm of kids being kids…. A show for the entire family.

Holiday Bloopers
The Thanksgiving turkey, prepared for hours, is being brought to the family table where fifteen relatives wait, wide eyed and hungry, for its arrival. As Mom reaches the table, she slips, and the entire feast is thrown to the floor. Little Billy, is so enthralled with Santa’s beard that he strokes it and then… pulls it off, and is amazed to find that it’s entirely portable! It’s New Years Eve, and a party is in full throttle when one of the guests decides to give a toast. Only problem is, he can barely speak and so his “toast” is a mumble jumble of nonsense that revelers find hilarious.

Party Fouls
From Sweet Sixteens to Graduations, Bar mitzvahs to Confirmations, and birthdays to anniversaries, the funniest, strangest and most bizarre things are likely to be caught on camera. Wild Parties, much like Wild Weddings, captures it all in a hilarious one hour of fun and high energy.