ALIEN ABDUCTION is a fusion of historical documentaries, investigative reports and articulate experts debating the pros and more importantly, the cons of our subject. Throughout history and across widely diverse cultures, there is an absolutely consistent tradition of visitations from some other world. A close examination of how these visitations have been interpreted during especially active periods reveals much about the era and cultural climate in which they occur. Popular interpretations of extraterrestrial contacts suggest that aliens are either our benevolent space brothers or hostile kidnappers!

By approaching from an unbiased, historical perspective, we tap into an unprecedented resource pool. Most men of science and history insist that there are logical explanations for every phenomenon. We will explore these explanations. Of course, we will also draw from the ranks of the believers and eyewitnesses as well. Most of these men and women are delighted to have a chance to debate with the experts, and we will give them every opportunity to do just that. We have no need to prove or disprove the topic. But we will shed new light on the on-going quest for understanding that has attended this controversial subject.