DOOMSDAY is a documentary special that explores 5 different scenarios where the world could literally come to an end.
NUCLEAR HOLOCAUST – Although the cold war is over, the spread of nuclear weapon technology and international terrorism continues to make nuclear disaster a very real threat.
KILLER VIRUSES – In 1918 a new strain of influenza infected an estimated 50% of the world’s population and killed 25 million people.
GLOBAL WARMING – With greenhouse gases trapping the heat within our atmosphere, the global temperature could rise 6 degrees within the next century causing massive flooding, more intensive hurricanes, unbearable heat and the spread of pestilence.
METEORS – The meteor that struck the Yucatan peninsula 65 million years ago created a crater 20 miles deep and is estimated to have been responsible for the extinction of two-thirds of the world’s species, including the dinosaurs.

What can we do to prevent such disasters? DOOMSDAY visits some of the world’s top scientists, defense specialists and futurists. Using dramatic footage and reconstruction, the special shows what could happen, and what we could do about it if it did happen.