A series of one-hour programs delving into the realms of unbelievable people, places, things and events. Each episode is packed with visually compelling, nearly inconceivable stories that are as hard to comprehend as they are entertaining. Detailing little known facts about well known events, featuring bizarre other-worldly phenomena and introducing peculiar circumstances from around the world leaving viewers amazed, amused and confused about what they just witnessed.

Believe us when we tell you that the things the audience will see in REAL STRANGE are real and have never been seen before! REAL STRANGE will also introduce the audience to people who will astound and inspire them and some who will just make them laugh when they see the crazy things they do for fun. Each episode is comprised of multiple locations, moving from subject to subject seemingly at random, but in fact planned in such a way as to keep the audience riveted as they guess what on earth they will see next.