Raw unadulterated footage captured from the mounted cameras of police vehicles on the road and in the air. BEYOND THE BADGE takes viewers behind the scenes of some of the wildest footage caught on tape. What you are about to see are some of the most thrilling and hair-raising police pursuits from the officer’s perspective. Viewers will be along for the ride through city streets and country roads and witness both from the ground and the air these amazing pursuits. Watch as law enforcement officer’s risk their lives trying to stop desperate criminals who seem to have no regard for their well-being or that of the innocent people who get in their way. The action encompasses everything from incredibly daring high testosterone driving escapades to the absolutely stupid decisions and tactics that bring the chase to a close.

BEYOND THE BADGE entertains in every conceivable way. It blends a variety of dramatic life-threatening situations with the more unconventional and ultimately stupid behavior that evokes everything from pulse-pounding gasps to laugh-out-loud moments. The jaw-dropping video of near-deadly crashes, shootouts and attacks on officers is balanced by futile and ignorant behavior that leads to more comic outcomes.