Dog Whisperer (167x60)



Cesar Millan is currently one of the most renowned and sought-after experts working in the field of dog training. But this is not just a series about dog training - it's people training for dogs.

Every episode of THE DOG WHISPERER tackles the real-life problems faced by dog owners everywhere. We follow Cesar as he hurries to client's homes, and see firsthand how he works with the dogs and their distraught owners to solve even the thorniest behavior problems. As he coaches the various dog lovers, Cesar shares his vast inside knowledge of their dog's behavior. His mantra: Exercise and discipline must always come before affection to help stabilize the out-of-control dog. Cesar never needs to yell at his dogs or give them treats. Instead, as pack leader, he gets the dogs to take their proper role in the pack. As Cesar himself says, "This is not training - this is rehab!"

Cesar Millan offers realistic, achievable solutions for all of the most common behavior problems of dogs. His dynamic personality is mesmerizing and the straightforward concepts he offers are easy to grasp and to put into operation. THE DOG WHISPERER is a "can't miss" opportunity for anyone who loves dogs.



Cesar comparte su conocimiento sobre el comportamiento del perro y lo maneja sin gritarle o amenazarlo. Su mantra: el Ejercicio y la disciplina siempre deben venir antes del afecto para ayudar a estabilizar al perro. ¡Cómo dice Cesar: "Esto no es entrenamiento - es rehabilitación!" ofreciendo soluciones realistas y los honestos conceptos que él ofrece son fáciles de poner en práctica, alcanzables para los problemas de comportamiento más comunes de su perro.

Dog Whisperer Season 1 26 x half-hour Dog Whisperer Season 2 18 x one-hour Dog Whisperer Season 2: "Best of" Celebration 2 x one-hour Dog Whisperer Season 3 21 x one-hour Dog Whisperer Season 4 35 x one-hour Dog Whisperer Season 4: "Best of" Celebration 2 x one-hour Dog Whisperer Season 5 37 x one-hour Dog Whisperer Season 6 13 x one-hour Dog Whisperer – Down Under 2 x one-hour