Area 51: The Real Story (1x60)

6X30 HD



Why do "Black" helicopters patrol the night searching for intruders? Why do people claim that what was once alien technology is now human technology being developed inside a secret hanger? In order to answer these questions, we need to take a journey... It has no official name, except for the nickname it was given after a numbered square on an old Nevada test site map.

AREA 51 will show you a world of top secret black aircrafts... covert military bases that don't exist on any FAA or US Geological survey map... strange conspiracy theories... accusations of closed-door alien autopsies and the reverse engineering of flying discs.



AREA 51 le mostrará un mundo secreto de naves aéreas... bases militares encubiertas inexistentes para FAAs o mapas geológicos de USA... extrañas teorías de conspiración... acusaciones de autopsias extraterrestres a puertas cerradas y la ingeniería inversa de platos voladores.