After The Attack (2x60)



AFTER THE ATTACK examines the human - and forensic - story behind an animal attack as the victim uses the experience to affect positive change in his or her life by facing down their fear. All this is explored from a pro-animal, pro-conservation perspective.

An average Joe or Jane is attacked by a wild animal -- mauled by a lion or a cougar, bitten by a rattlesnake, gnawed on by an alligator, clawed by a grizzly bear. We reenact the attack as the victim leads us through, recalling what it felt like, the fear, the flight, and the horror of the attack itself. The event is examined thoroughly, followed by an explanation from experts as to why the animal behaved the way it did based on the environment of the situation. Finally the attack victim is given the opportunity to stare fear in the face, putting themselves back in front of a representative of the species that perpetrated the attack in an effort to overcome what could well have had lifelong traumatic effects. 
AFTER THE ATTACK is not about reveling in the lurid aspects of animal attacks of human. It is instead designed to focus on understanding why these animals behave the way they do and illustrating how we can coexist. It aims to underscore the idea that we all need to share the planet together, and a single traumatic encounter should not inspire calls to rid the creature from our midst.



Conoceremos la historia humana y forense detrás del ataque de un animal, y el modo en que la víctima utiliza la experiencia para cambiar su vida para mejor y afrontar el miedo - desde una perspectiva en favor de los animales y su conservación. Llegaremos al fondo del pensamiento animal. Recreamos el ataque a través del cual nos guía la víctima, quien recuerda estar en el lugar equivocado en el momento equivocado, cómo se sintió, el miedo, la huida, y el horror del ataque en sí, enfrentando a la victima a un representante de la especie que ha perpetrado el ataque a fin de volver a “subir a la bicicleta” y superar lo que bien podría haberse convertido en un trauma para toda la vida “TRAS EL ATAQUE” está diseñado para centrarse en comprender el por qué del comportamiento de estos animales y - a través de este conocimiento - ilustrar la forma en que podemos coexistir con los mismos.