(Writer) – Cullen Bunn
(Artist) – Dalibor Talajic

Niles is a tattoo artist. He is a broken man, though, having lost his wife and child  in an accident some time ago. He is hounded by guilt. A young woman—Eden—goes to the tattoo shop and gets a tattoo of a butterfly. A few weeks later, she returns, but the tattoo of the butterfly is gone. Niles is enamored with the woman, and it results in a drunken one night stand. Still, she continues to show up every few weeks, always without the tattoo she had done on the previous visit. Every time, she gets a new tattoo of some animal. Niles follows Eden. He sees that the tattoos she has been given crawl or fly off of her skin. She returns, and this time Niles gives her a tattoo of his lost wife and child. The result is horrific and heartbreaking.