When Somali Pirates attacked the American freighter Maersk Alabama, it grabbed the world’s attention. But when they hijacked the ship, kidnapped the American Captain, and held him for ransom, they got more than they bargained for. It required the White House to take immediate action and ordered a rescue attack that will take out the four pirates without endangering Captain Phillips.

Sounds like an impossible mission? For a special team of soldiers it is just another day at work. A top secret force, The US Navy Seals, train for one purpose – locate and destroy terrorists anywhere in the world. These men are unknown to the public, but not their enemies. They are among the most deadly killers in the American arsenal, and they are classified in name unit and deed. The hijacking of the Maersk Alabama is their story and “Pirate Hunters” is our glimpse into their world.

It’s a world that includes modern day pirates. Modern piracy is on the rise. In 2008, over 80 vessels were attacked by pirates bringing in over $50 million in profits. Armed with high tech weapons organized gangs thrive in the lawless frontier of international seas.