On April 10, 2010 the disastrous BP oil spill began wreaking havoc on the Gulf of Mexico and the lives of the Louisiana fishermen were forever changed. Life has never been easy for the men, women and families that live in this region. They braved the devastation of Hurricane Katrina, but a hurricane’s damage is minuscule compare to what the long term effect 795 million liters of crude oil in the gulf can do to their 2.4 billion dollar commercial fishing industry.

But these families have been fishing in the Louisiana bayou since the early 1900’s and will always work in these waters. Their actions will shape and define the future of this region. Will the fishermen’s live be destroyed forever? Will their way of life be maintained? What role can they play in the cleanup and the future of the gulf? This is the powerful, heart wrenching and inspiring story of the fishermen’s fight to maintain their threatened livelihoods and the unexpected bonds they formed with the oil riggers battling alongside them. This program can be stand alone or make a great addition to the Classified series.