The compelling documentary chronicles Stone Brewing’s rock n’ roll co-founder, Greg Koch’s tumultuous journey to become the first American to build, own and operate his own large-scale independent craft brewery in Europe. “Koch, is a long-haired, wild-eyed, pseudo-messianic figure in the world of craft beer. The co-founder of California’s much-loved Stone Brewing Company, Koch speaks of beer as a mission, a religious passion befitting the film’s title, a nickname bestowed on him by a bemused German press” (Scott Hines, Decider).

The film was produced by Sweetwood Films and documentarian Matt Sweetwood (BeerlandForgetting Dad), who filmed the four year journey of Koch’s uphill battle to open Stone Brewing in Germany. “I am so excited that the world will have the opportunity to watch an epic David & Goliath story about a true pioneer in the world of craft beer,” stated filmmaker Matt Sweetwood.