Rive Gauche Heads to MIPCOM with New Titles & 2,500-Plus Hours

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Rive Gauche Television Secures Rights to Multiple New Titles for MIPCOM 2017




LOS ANGELES (September 27, 2017) – Rive Gauche Television has secured the rights to multiple titles from different genres to add to its expansive catalog of 2500+ hours of content for distribution worldwide ahead of MIPCOM.


From producers Chicken Soup for the Soul Entertainment comes a TLC series called Project Dad (8x60) which follows three celebrity dads as they step out of the spotlight and into the role of Mr. Mom. The Jury Room (6x60) is a new original crime program co-produced by AMC Networks International Broadcasting and FirstLook TV. The series re-examines real murder cases offering either new evidence, or a more advanced analysis of pre-existing evidence that is put in front of a new panel of jurors.  Written in Blood (10x60), dives deep into the gripping true crimes that inspired best-selling murder mystery novels. Evil Twins, a popular crime franchise for RGTV about twins who kill, also has a new season available. RGTV has secured a high-end documentary Genius Factory (1x60) from Wavelength Entertainment which documents an eccentric billionaire from the 1980s who wanted to create the world’s smartest kids so he funded the largest legal genetic experiment in human history. In addition to being a factual distributor RGTV will also debut its first made for TV movie, Overexposed a thriller where scandalous texts leads to multiple murders, starring Marguerite Moreau and Mary Katherine Duhon.


Ahead of MIPCOM Rive Gauche has secured various deals. TV movie Overexposed has been picked up by TF1 in France. FOX MENA has picked up a slew of titles: Along for the Bride, Ultimate Homes, Pretty Bad Girls, Wives with Knives and Happily Never After.  NTV Japan has licensed Evil Twins.


 “We are very excited at Rive Gauche to be going to MIPCOM with a diverse state of product to add to our broad quality offerings.  Our expectation in the challenging pursuit of viewers, is that our new slate will provide channels across the world with product they can embrace,” said Jon Kramer of Rive Gauche.




Rive Gauche Explores Crime, Travel & Strange Addictions - TVREAL

Jon Kramer, the CEO of Rive Gauche Television, talks to TV Real about how his company’s non-scripted offering breaks through the noise in the factual space.

Arriving on the scene more than two decades ago, Rive Gauche Television has amassed a portfolio of 2,200-plus hours of non-scripted programming ranging from documentaries and reality series to true-crime titles, travel shows and more. Some of its heavy-hitters include Homicide Hunter and Cesar Millan’s Dog Whisperer. “Rive Gauche likes to push the envelope,” says the company’s CEO, Jon Kramer.

One series that catches viewers’—and broadcasters’—attention worldwide by doing just that is My Strange Addiction. The show documents the stories of individuals battling obsessive behaviors that threaten to take over their lives such as eating toilet paper or chalk, picking their scabs or bleaching their skin. The program even follows someone who is addicted to sleeping with a blow dryer. Each half-hour episode features two individuals battling uncontrollable behaviors, with experts helping them explore the motivation behind their actions.

The outside-the-box thread seen in shows like My Strange Addiction can be found throughout the catalog. According to Kramer, Buying the Bayou is the My Strange Addiction of the travel/real estate genre. He says the show “combines a number of genres and ticks a lot of boxes.” It grabs viewers’ attention because “you get to travel to a very different place, the Bayou. You get to see houses that are built in the Bayou, which are much different from houses you’d normally see; and the people who live in the Bayou are unique, so you get to meet homeowners and real estate agents that are characters.”

The travel genre is a popular one that has been evolving to stay fresh. “What Rive Gauche has to offer in the travel space are alternative brands that could be developed and are available for broadcasters who want to be in this space, or digitals that want to be in this space that can’t get access to the basic couple of benchmark shows that define the space.”

In addition to outside-the-box series like Buying the Bayou, in the travel category, Rive Gauche has “shows that are aspirational and down-the-middle,” Kramer explains. Ultimate Homes and Buying Hawaii, two pillars of Rive Gauche’s offering, provide audiences with aspirational real estate experiences. “Both series take viewers to exotic places,” Kramer says. “Ultimate Homes appeals to a viewer who wants to see what the very rich have attained in terms of housing, while Buying Hawaii is for the normal person who wants to see what it’s like to buy a home in Hawaii.”

Crime is having its heyday, and Rive Gauche has a range of recognizable brands that sell well. “Our crime shows are of the highest quality and offer distinctive topics within the genre,” Kramer says. He calls titles such as Homicide HunterIce Cold KillersWives with KnivesThe Day I Should Have Died and Catch My Killer “addictive programming” for women in the 34-to-54 age range. The shows work for broadcasters because “a channel can count on their audience’s loyalty and schedule a program that they know will deliver,” he says. “In today’s very competitive marketplace, that’s a rarity.” Homicide Hunter, in particular, has been a hit for Investigation Discovery. In the show, Lieutenant Joe Kenda’s first-person narrative and re-creations bring to life some of his most challenging murder cases to see how the crimes were solved.

The company also has lighthearted shows that provide viewers with new experiences. Kramer points to The Illegal Eater as an example. The food-travel hybrid series is presented by Steven Page, a former member of the rock band Barenaked Ladies. “He’s a famous rocker, very personable, very quirky, and he takes you to a lot of strange places to eat,” Kramer says.

Rive Gauche launched a new entry into the international market at MIPTV. “Egg Factor is a one-of-a-kind show that follows a company that provides its expertise in making it possible for families who have struggled to create a family realize their dream through egg donation,” Kramer explains. “In a marketplace seeking fresh new product, this show is exactly what they need. Appealing to women 20 and up, the show will also capture men in the 25-to-45 range. This is just another example of a long list of Rive Gauche shows that offer something unique to the marketplace for those programmers willing to take a chance on a new genre and reap the benefits.”

Looking to the future, Kramer says the company aims to “build in the unscripted area through U.S. development and acquisitions. As the market evolves, Rive Gauche Television will evolve with it. As we go through this transition, we want the marketplace to know we are there to work with them.”

Kramer notes that the company is also focused on expanding its scripted offering, starting with the introduction of Overexposed, the first in a line of TV movies. “We are hoping to be able to deliver two to four a year once we ramp up,” he says. “A second movie is already in the works.” Through its sister company AfterShock Comics, Rive Gauche is also developing scripted series for the worldwide market. “All these activities will help Rive Gauche Television become a diversified supplier with unscripted, scripted and TV movie fare,” Kramer notes. “This expansion will better serve our clients with unique, top-quality programming, which the market has grown to expect from Rive Gauche.”





(WINNIPEG, MB) JUNE 13, 2016Farpoint Films today announced they have entered into a first-look deal with Rive Gauche Television to develop and produce unscripted television projects for the national and international market.

This multi-year deal allows both companies to benefit from each other’s strengths with Rive Gauche acting as co-producer on many properties and international distributor on all of Farpoint's future unscripted projects and Farpoint acting as a both a production and post-production house for Rive Gauche on a number of different properties.

The two companies began their relationship with Farpoint’s The Illegal Eater being sold both in the U.S. and internationally by Rive Gauche and currently have a number of projects in various stages together in both Canada and the U.S.

“This partnership has been in the works for awhile as Jon Kramer and I both felt the two companies complemented each other perfectly and I am very excited to be working with the entire team at Rive Gauche as we focus on expanding Farpoint’s reach into the U.S. and international market,” said Kyle Bornais, executive producer and co-founder of Farpoint Films.

“Rive Gauche is very pleased to solidify our business relationship with Farpoint and Kyle Bornais. Like Rive Gauche, Farpoint’s product is cutting edge and well produced. We expect great shows to continue to come out of this very collaborative relationship,” said Jon Kramer of Rive Gauche Television.

Farpoint Films credits include award-winning shows Escape Or Die!, The Illegal Eater and The Medicine Line; feature films Menorca, Teen Lust; and documentaries Randy Bachman’s Vinyl Tap: Every Song Tells A Story, Lost Heroes, and The Sheepdogs Have At It.

Rive Gauche Television’s credits include Dog Whisperer with Cesar Millan, Homicide Hunter, Ice Cold Killer, My Strange Addiction, My Crazy Obsession, Operation Repo, Sins & Secrets, Happily Never After, Evil Twins and The Day I Almost Died



Sea Rescue Takes Home Emmy for "Outstanding Children's Series"

LOS ANGELES (May 3, 2016) - Sea Rescue has been inspiring families on Saturday mornings since 2012, and has now been awarded with a Daytime Creative Arts Emmy® Award at this year’s Annual Daytime Emmy® Awards in Los Angeles. Sea Rescue was awarded the prize for “Outstanding Children’s Series”.

Sea Rescue showcases the touching and inspirational stories of marine animal rescue, rehabilitation and return to the wild by the SeaWorld Rescue Team and partner organizations. Featured episodes this season include the California sea lion crisis, and a record breaking transfer of hundreds of cold stunned sea turtles from New England to rehabilitation centers around the country. 

The heartwarming episode “Georgia on my Mind,” submitted to the academy for consideration, shares the story of Georgia, a rescued orphaned baby manatee who grows up to become a mom, grandmother, and foster manatee mom. This is the show’s first win and third nomination.

Rive Gauche Names Development Vice President

Rive Gauche Television Has Tapped Julie Pifher as Vice President of Development


LOS ANGELES (May 3, 2016) – Rive Gauche Television has hired Julie Pifher as VP of Development. Pifher comes to RGTV from Workaholic Productions where she developed and served as Executive Producer on My Giant Life for TLC. As the new VP of Development she will develop original concepts and continue to foster co-production and acquisition relationships while seeking out new opportunities. Previously, Pifher served as a development executive at Morningstar Entertainment (I’m a Living Doll, Prepper Hillbillies) and Rive Gauche Television. She has developed concepts for a variety of networks including; TLC, LMN, Syfy, ID, Pivot, History, Destination America and TruTV. Pifher will report to Marine Ksadzhikyan, SVP of Distribution & Development.

 “It’s great to be back at a place I’m familiar with,” said Pifher. She added, “The groundbreaking, unique and edgy type of programing that have worked for Rive Gauche fit with the type of shows I love to develop.”

The hire comes as RGTV expands its push on securing US commissions and co-productions. 

 “It’s with great excitement we welcome Julie back to Rive Gauche Television. She knows our company well, and is the perfect person to translate RGTV’s expertise and trend-setting mindset to get projects placed on the US networks,” said Jon Kramer, CEO of Rive Gauche.